anonomi - spam free public email

anonomi provides you with a way to let people contact you by email without having to give out your email address.
Whenever you publish your email address you are attracting spam. This is because spam companies have programs that crawl the internet looking for email addresses and adding them to mailing lists.
Some people think that they can fool these programs by writing their email addresses in strange formats like "name (at) yahoo (dot) com". This helps but unfortunately there are a few problems with this approach.
1. Spam companies hire people to crawl the net manually and find email addresses.
2. Programs are being developed that can interpret these email addresses. Once your address is published online it is near impossible to remove (there are companies that archive everything on the net). In the future as these programs become more advanced you will get added to spam lists.
3. These email addresses cannot be clicked. As a result people may make a mistake when typing your email address meaning you won't get their email and they will be left wondering why you are not responding.
This is why most companies have you fill in contact forms rather than publishing their email addresses. anonomi provides you with your own personal contact form at so that you can publish this link instead of your email address. If someone wants to contact you they simply click on your link, fill in the form and press send.
anonomi is currently in public beta testing. If you would like to be a part of the beta test please join now.