Yoics: Access and manage your computers and network devices from anywhere.

Use Yoics to remotely access computers and network products
Yoics offers an easy and FREE alternative to remotely access computer desktops, computer files, web cameras, IP cameras, network storage devices and just about any other network accessible product or service. If you are a consumer, device manufacturer or software publisher, Yoics has a product or solution for you. Our core consumer services are FREE to use, just sign up for an account. We will soon offer premium services for those that need our premium services.

Yoics For Windows (click for details) - remote access your Windows desktop, files, or web camera or share them with friends. Our public beta is going strong. Yoics currently runs on Windows XP SP3 and Windows Vista SP1. We are working on porting Yoics to Windows Vista x64 and expect it to be available soon.

Yoics For Mac (click for details) - remote access your Mac desktop or files or share them with friends. It’s still in Alpha but we’re about to release it for general use. Yoics runs on Mac OSX 10.4 and 10.5 for Intel and Power PC platforms.

Yoics for Embedded Products and Software Packages - hardware and software manufacturers can easily make their network products automatically configure themselves and allow for secure remote access by embedding the Yoics software into their platform. Yoics offers a small cross platform component to add remote accessibility and auto configuration to any network based product or software package.

The Auto configuration component allows your product to be installed and configured in an automatic way, without any installed software, and that is computable with all computing platforms including Windows, Linux and Mac OSX. With Yoics Auto configuration your customers are up and running in a matter of seconds without costly support calls.

In most cases, Yoics can be ported to a new platform within hours. We support Windows, Mac, Linux, and Embedded Linux with ease and have ported to many other embedded OS platforms. In many cases Yoics can run in as little as 100K bytes of memory.