Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 - The next gen of next-gen applications.

Break through application development challenges faster than ever.

Talented designers know that innovation starts with imagination—technology is a tool that helps bring their creation to life. We're planning ahead to bring what's in their minds to everyone else. Maybe it's a big idea ... or just a small fix no one ever considered before. The beauty is technology doesn't get in the way anymore.

Visual Studio 2010 is being designed inside and out to give developers and development teams every advantage in getting the next groundbreaking application to market—quickly. The upshot is that your business gets to reap the rewards of tomorrow's efficiency today.

Democratizing Application Lifecycle Management

Microsoft Visual Studio Team System 2010 will deliver new capabilities that embrace the needs of the users in the lifecycle—from architects to developers, from project managers to testers. Among the great new functionality in Visual Studio Team System 2010:

  • Discover and identify existing code assets and architecture with the new Architecture Explorer
  • Design and share multiple diagram types, including use case, activity and sequence diagrams
  • Improve testing efforts with tooling for better documentation of test scenarios and more thorough collection of test data
  • Easily identify and run only the tests impacted by a code change with the new Test Impact View
  • Enhanced version control capabilities including gated check-in, branch visualization, and build workflow

Inspiring Developer Delight

Since the first release of Visual Studio, Microsoft has made application development more productive, efficient, flexible—and more profitable—to developers and companies that use it. Visual Studio 2010 continues to deliver on the core developer experience by significantly improving the day-to-day process for development teams:

  • Understand existing (and write new) code
  • Intuitive Web development from the back-end to the end result
  • Wrangle disparate C++ code into one arena
  • Build new Windows® 7 applications or upgrade existing applications
  • Enable Office tools to make your solutions more flexible and productive for specific needs

Cloud Development

With Windows Azure™ Tools for Microsoft Visual Studio, developers can build, debug and deploy services and applications for Azure, the new cloud environment Microsoft announced in October 2008.

Web Development

In Visual Studio 2010, Microsoft is continuing their investment in great Web development tools. Visual Studio 2010 enhancements for Web developers include:

  • A high-performance and standards-compliant JavaScript, IntelliSense® engine
  • "One Click Deployment" for quickly and easily publishing a Web site's files and configuration settings from the development machines to the final deployed site
  • Full support for Silverlight™ for developers wishing to build cutting-edge, rich Internet applications
Architecture Explorer creates visual representations of existing code assets.
Architecture Explorer creates visual representations of existing code assets.
Microsoft Test Runner makes it easier to follow validation steps, create actionable bugs (including system information), and screen images with indexed screen capture video of each step.
Architecture Layer Diagram helps validate code against a visual representation of the architecture.

Parallel Development

Microsoft is making a commitment to make parallel development accessible to a wide range of developers with Visual Studio 2010:

  • Visual Studio IDE support for Parallel development
  • Native C++ libraries and compiler support for Parallel applications
  • .NET Framework 4.0 with P-LINQ and parallel language semantics and framework components

Visual Studio 2010 also includes a Parallel-capable performance analyzer that enables you to extensively instrument code to see the concurrency issues in applications.

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