Data Recovery Software

Geeksnerds can recover your data from damaged Hard disk drive, RAID arrays, all types of operating systems, laptop hard disk, password, email and other storages devices common in use by many commercial organizations.

Our data recovery engineers using advance technology and class 100 clean room technology helps in recovering data from unintentional removal, formatting, a virus attack, electrical surges or outages, wreckage, cartridge, natural disasters like flood , fire, moisture, dust etc dropping and many other scenarios.

Most often data gets lost on storage media such as hard disk, floppy disk, RAID arrays, CD/DVD and from other electronic storage devices. Data loss occurs either by physical damage or logical damage. In case of physical damage a CD can have scratches on its surface; a hard disk drive read/write head can crash and a tape can just smash up. In case of logical damage the data is not lost rather somehow its addresses on storage media are inaccessible such as formatting and deletion comes under the category of logical damage of data.